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pl/sql library for JSON

Monday 3 December 2007


pl/sql library for JSON


Here is the first release of a PL/SQL package for JSON (Javascript Simple Object Notation). This program is published under the GNU LGPL License.

The package’s features are :
- create and manipulate JSON objects
- add attributes and array to a JSON object
- convert from JSON to string
- convert from String to JSON structure
- debugging function
- customizable output (web or custom)

a little test procedure gives an idea of capabilities of this package.

The 1.1 version has released. Here the changelog between 1.0 and 1.1

- Add some stuff to prevent from javascript Hijacking, prototype framework compatible :
/*-secure-\n{...json object...}\n*/
- Add procedure to send appropriate mime type for Web output "application/json"
- printing enhancement.
- suppress global variable g_output_type.
- bug corrections in String2Json func.
- Add procedure to stream out the json object
- Suppress indentation for better perf on long json objects.
- Refactor terms to match on the english terms
- bug correction in getAttrValue, add param pOutPutStringDelimiter and pOutPutSeparator
that allows to format the output of the function.
- Add function getAttrArray that return an array of values in an plsql array of varchar2
- Add Array2String utility.
- Add License informations

PL/SQL package for JSON
1.1 stable version

The 1.0 version has released.

PL/SQL package for JSON
1.0 stable version

- Added a basic validation function to validate struture of JSON objects.

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par Pierre-Gilles Levallois